As part of the Bridgend County Energy Challenge the Centre for Sustainable Energy will support a local group to explore their ideas for a local energy project. 

Volunteers and staff at Bryngarw Country Park were the winners of the competition to take part in the challenge. 

The park, which is run by Awen Cultural Trust and welcomes 200,000 visitors each year, has started work on exploring ideas for a local energy project which will investigate options for reducing the carbon footprint of the popular visitors centre, and generating renewable energy on site.

The project will be run by Daniel Lock of Awen Cultural Trust and a team of park volunteers, with support from the Centre for Sustainable Energy (CSE). Daniel and Bridgend resident Leigh Foreman, who first spotted the opportunity to apply for the challenge, hope to teach local people more about sustainability and renewable energy and will be planning some energy related community events.

We'll be making frequent updates about how the team at Bryngawr are getting on with their project so watch this space! You can follow us @BridgendEnergy where we're tweeting about community energy projects in Bridgend County and beyond. 

"Local energy" covers all sorts of different projects run in different communities. Sometimes, people get together to install renewable energy technologies like wind turbines or solar panels.


But in other cases people work together to help out those living in fuel poverty in their area, or experiment with new technologies and ideas to reduce the costs of heating their homes.

There are already a number of successful community energy projects in South Wales, but so far there has been little local energy action in Bridgend County.

To get an idea of the different sorts of local energy projects going on in South Wales, take a look at this pdf of case studies. 

 If you have any questions, please email CSE at 

Bridgend County Energy is a Bridgend County Borough Council project funded by Reach and the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development and managed by the Centre for Sustainable Energy.